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1996 was a pivotal year.

eBay was started, Charles and Di got divorced, Dolly the sheep was the first mammal cloned, and, the world feared if they ate a cheeseburger and couldn't remember where they left their keys, they had Mad Cow disease.

This was also the year that Agency Models and Talent was founded in a basement office with a box full of comp cards that were mistakenly used as a litter box by foster kittens, and a sack-load of change harvested from Walmart parking lots.

Thankfully, after that year, things only got better. At least for eBay and Agency Models and Talent.

Since then, Agency Models and Talent has grown into a powerful, and, respected contributor to the advertising and film industry.

Known for finding and developing solid models and actors in the Midwest, we provide talent for commercial and editorial print, television commercials, social media, runway, film, corporate and live industrials, home shopping models and spokespersons, and episodic television.

Our regular clients include, Target, Best Buy, 3M, Menards, EVINE Live, Aveda, Regis, Nike, Footlocker, Eco Lab, HyVee, Evereve, Gopher Sport, My Pillow, all of the area casinos, hospitals, resale businesses including Platos Closet, Style Encore, Once Upon A Child and Play It Again Sports and places you never heard of but, are relieved you know who to call when your toilet clogged, you had a Japanese beetle infestation, or, your child had crooked teeth.

Additonal works of note include large scale extras casting for film giant New Line Cinema, high profile music videos for Aerosmith and Prince, and hometown models becoming super models that went on to be featured in major campaigns for Versace, Prada, GAP, Donna Karan and even gracing the cover of Vogue.

Through the years, we have prided ourselves on our personal connection to our clients, producers, models and actors.

We value all who participate in this business with hopes of mutual success, and, we put equal amounts of energy and concern into your final vision that we produce as a team.

To Agency, you are not just a product or a paycheck, but, our friends and family.

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